Sunday, August 05, 2007

Are cartoons more "bad taste" than wars?

Robert Vandenbego, a skilled graphic designer, produces well-made color zines which are distributed for free in Madrid, Barcelona and London. According to Uno de los Nuestros blog, recently, Robert was censored by a so-called "politically correct" art gallery in Madrid due the cover illustration of one of the zines. The artwork in question was made by me, in 2004, entitled "The United Colours of Bush". The gallery labeled the artwork as "bad taste and anti-American." They prevented Robert from distributing his zines in the gallery. Probably, for the owners of this art gallery, cartoons are far more "bad taste" than wars. Shame on them, and all of my support to Robert Vandenbego.

Robert Vandenbego's "Begó!Madrid" zine.
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Original artwork I made in 2004.
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